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KMA Designed Green Flag Facility at Nellis Air Force Base Earns LEED Silver Designation

KMA Architecture & Engineering has announced that the Green Flag Operations Facility at Nellis Air Force Base in Clark County, Nevada, has been awarded LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. The $15 million project was part of a design/build partnership with Jaynes Corporation that was completed in March 2011.

"We incorporated LEED Silver criteria into this project, including additional sustainable technologies and practices," said Don Blair of KMA Architecture & Engineering. "The military and Jaynes Corporation worked closely with KMA to ensure that Air Force building requirements were met, as well. We are pleased with how this project turned out and excited to be a part of a team that puts such great emphasis on sustainability for our Armed Forces."

The project includes a 19,126-square-foot Green Flag Operations Facility and a 39,797-square-foot F-16 Hangar/Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) facility that is currently under LEED review

The building designs incorporated environmentally-conscious features including exterior sun shades, large clerestory windows to provide natural daylighting, low-E glazing, water efficient plumbing fixtures, walk-off grates at entries, low-voc paints and sealants, and recycled-content materials.

The Green Flag Facility is a Squadron Operations Facility which provides office space as well as conference, training, briefing, life support, locker and break rooms to facilitate combat training for pilots. Included are both secure and non-secure administrative spaces and a 150-seat auditorium. The F-16 Hangar/AMU portion of the project includes sliding hangar doors and a five-ton bridge crane for aircraft maintenance, along with two-story AMU spaces for administrative functions, training, supply storage and flight-line observation from exterior decks.
The KMA project team consisted of Don Blair, Jay Janda, Heather Mertes, Ilia Voronchihin and Alison Warren. The structural engineers were Wright Engineers and Chavez-Grieves; the civil engineer was Wright Engineers; the plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineer was Jordan & Skala; and the landscape architect was DW Landscapes Inc. Fire and life safety engineering services were provided by AON Fire Protection Engineering and the plumbing engineering subcontractor was Dynamic Plumbing. The Jaynes team included Bob Huse, Clark Hagen, Steve Zohner and Carlos Montenegro.