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Enployee Pic Jose209Where are you from originally?
Born and raised in the beautiful desert of Tucson, Arizona; where there is no better sunset.

How did you find yourself in the industry, and working at KMA?
Since I was young, I have always been into physics and building things. I first began my college career in engineering but it lacked creativity. My two older brothers are carpenters and helping them with side projects sparked my inquisitive mind to want to know why things are designed and built the way they are. One late influential night during my early twenties, I had an epiphany. From that night forward, I would begin my journey to become an architect. I feel like I got lucky looking in the right place at the right time when I was in search for work in San Diego.

What has been your biggest career accomplishment to date?
Being the first to graduate from college in my family was a huge accomplishment for me. Now I am striving very hard to obtain my professional license as an architect.

What has been your favorite project to work on so far at KMA?
This may sound odd, but one of my favorite projects to work on is the renovation of the air intakes at the Federal Courthouse Building. It's an iconic building downtown that needs to be upgraded to prevent any chemical warfare. Our goal is to design a solution that will be the least intrusive to the integrity of the building.

How do you like to spend your time outside of the office?
I've been trying to learn how to surf since I arrived in San Diego, and by that, I mean, a lot of paddling and getting thrashed by waves; it definitely is not the easiest hobby to pick up but it has become a new passion of mine. I also have been doing a lot of exploring of what San Diego has to offer in terms of local breweries, wineries, restaurants, hiking, sailing, parks and beaches. It's looking good so far.

PROJECT   |   
ARMY RESERVE CENTER in Riverside, California
PROJECT TYPE   |   Design-Build – New Construction
PROJECT SIZE   | 44,532 SF 
PROJECT BUDGET   |   $22,000,000
TEAM   |   KMA Architecture, Studio West Interiors, Abbott Engineering Inc, BWE, Stantec, Veltre Engineering, Wimmer Yamada and Caughey, Thornton Tomasetti, Berg Electric, Alpha Mechanical

The Army Reserve Center (ARC) in Riverside started out as a typical award with bridging documents that were made up of four separate parts or mini-projects, which was the greatest challenge. The triumph for our team was in the coordination of these parts and the detailing to make the old and new connect and function for the new program of these buildings. The team was also able to design to heightened efficiencies which earned the project LEED Silver. 

This design-build collaboration with Cox Construction Co. involved the construction of several building components: (1) a new two-story Training Building to house offices, training seminar rooms, conference rooms, open-office workstations, locker and shower rooms, a fitness room, and equipment storage, (2) an addition to an existing Unit Storage building housing offices, a storage vault and storage cages for weapons and ammunition, (3) a pre-engineered metal building housing storage cages, (4) a pre-engineered metal Pavilion structure providing covered shade for outdoor functions for the Reservists. All these contribute to the facility function of organizing and servicing the Army Reservists as they continue their training. 

Due to the various parts and requirements of this project, the team also had to incorporate different construction methods and full detailing for those parts that still complimented each other. The project incorporated new construction, remodeling/addition and preparation for pre-engineered structures. The Training Building and Unit Storage Addition were both constructed using tilt-up concrete wall panels with CMU veneer attached to several areas over the face of these panels; the other structures were pre-engineered.

KMA firmly believes in responsible stewardship of construction projects and encourage clients and users to consider putting forth the extra initial effort to design projects to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. The Training Building was no exception and it received LEED Silver Certification. The incorporation of many daylighting tubes provided the open office areas on the second floor with daylight as an alternative to electrical lighting.


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