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Back in March, we were thrilled to learn that our client, KMA Architecture & Engineering, had been selected as one of San Diego Metropolitan (SD Metro) magazine’s “Most Trusted Brands” for 2012. Aside from the well-deserved recognition for KMA, the award served as a victory for the amount of time that’s spent scoping out award opportunities and completing what is oftentimes a daunting nomination progress.

What makes this award so coveted by the area’s top companies?

San Diego’s “Most Trusted Brands” awards, as defined by SD Metro, represent companies, organizations and institutions that have earned trust and loyalty by adhering to high standards of professionalism, integrity and accountability. Unlike many other distinctions, the scope of this award touches on a company’s character, which to clients and prospects is just as important (if not more so) than the physical skills or services that they provide.

In addition to addressing these important factors, the fact that the award is presented by a local publication is of great significance. We live in an Internet-savvy world where customers, clients and guests have a means of sharing their two cents with the rest of the cyber community at any time, and the mix of authentic and self-congratulating reviews can leave the public confused about the true quality of products and/or services. Publications and their reporters, however, have had a chance to gain an in-depth knowledge from years of interacting with industry experts, which gives their opinion more credibility and weight.

It is therefore with great pride that KMA acknowledges its place with other San Diego companies of the same distinction. Their work in and around the city has earned them the respect among clients and colleagues, with projects ranging from SeaWorld’s Shamu Stadium, One America Plaza and the office buildings at Liberty Station to the El Cajon Public Safety Center and Camp Pendleton Infantry Center. We admire their commitment to serving the community through the use of the latest technologies and sustainable design and look forward to seeing their continued participation in the building of America’s Finest City.

Congratulations to KMA on being one of San Diego’s most trusted brands!

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