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team 15Over the last several months, the KMA team has had the pleasure of getting to know one of its newest members, Elizabeth Moll Fisher. Better known as “Liz” to her family, close friends and colleagues, the Ojai, Calif. native recently migrated south to San Diego, where she joined KMA in November 2011 as a project architect. Inspired by the firm’s unparalleled collective desire for individual pursuits of design and concepts, Liz has found a new haven for exploring her passion for architecture.

“I thrive in a professional environment where collaboration between all members of the office is encouraged during the design process in order to create a well-refined and conceived product for the client,” said Fisher. “With the help of my peers, I hope to expand my knowledge of the latest building technologies and learn how to integrate those into my own designs.”

Fisher attended the prestigious Thacher School, which provided her with the rigorous academic training needed to pursue the next step of her education at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She was exposed to a wide variety of architectural studios from designing wineries and libraries to community centers. During this time, she also pursued an opportunity to participate in an exchange program with Florida International University which included a semester abroad in Rome, the epicenter of architectural history and tradition. In 2002, she graduated with KMA’s own Rich Guerena from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Her first experience in the architectural workforce was a position with Togawa & Smith, Inc. in Old Town Pasadena. Here she was first exposed to the world of multi-family residential development and the design and construction process innovated by Glenn Togawa and Tim Smith. Fisher’s initial job duties focused on design, but before long, she moved into the production arena, where she learned more about construction and architecture as a medium. In 2005, the firm merged with AC Martin Partners to become Togawa Smith Martin Inc. and continue their pioneering in multi-family residential development at a larger capacity and with greater flexibility.

“I had the honor of being mentored by Glenn Togawa and Tim Smith who are industry leaders,” said Fisher. “In my time at the firm, I came to respect construction knowledge and how it enables architects to convey their visions to colleagues and clients. I hope to carry that forward in my career.”

She places great value on teamwork, and she takes great pride in her ability to manage and successfully coordinate teams that stay true and often improve upon the original design concept.

In 2010, Elizabeth married the “love of her life” Dr. Nicholas ‘Neko’ Fisher, and the world began to shift for them personally and professionally. Her husband found a dream position for himself in San Diego at a company called Intellisis Corporation, and the couple made the move from Los Angeles to San Diego. As fate would have it, a timely employment opportunity became available at KMA following the difficult decision to leave Togawa Smith Martin. She enjoyed meeting with the office staff for interviews and really appreciated the thoughtful consideration applied by the entire office in their selection of new teammates. She began working at KMA toward the end of 2011 while remaining good friends with her colleagues at Togawa Smith Martin. She and her husband have since adopted the city of San Diego as their new home and are really enjoying their new lifestyle and work.

“One of the elements about KMA that I admire is their commitment to working in a collaborative spirit, and I’m thrilled to work with such a great team of skilled and intelligent designers,” said Fisher. “It’s been invigorating for me to challenge myself and adapt my architectural skill set to projects outside of my previous expertise, such as tenant improvements for commercial/office use and a design proposal for an elegant and modern hangar for the military.”

Fisher has thoroughly enjoyed her past year working and flourishing at KMA and looks forward to building her knowledge and passion for architecture.

“There is still a lot to learn and so many different approaches to our skill that the learning will be eternal. I really look forward to my future years of work here and the great things we can accomplish in the built environment for our clients,” she said.
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