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quick left 14One of KMA’s keys to success is its ability to work efficiently as a team through collaboration at all levels of the design process. What exactly is the secret to keeping a team focused and moving in the same direction? KMA’s superior collaboration is supported through its team charter, a road map outlining the team’s purpose, goals and values. Having a shared understanding of why a team exists and what it is trying to accomplish is the most critical factor in high-performance companies.

To begin moving your team in the same direction, consider creating your own team charter. Below are some key elements that can be adopted into your company’s vision.

A team charter should have three main components to help define the team and keep it on track: Team Purpose (Mission), Measurable/Verifiable Goals and Operating Guidelines. Within these components, adaptable key elements of a team charter can include:

  • Purpose and Key Responsibilities: the reason for the team’s existence and what individual members hold themselves accountable for as part of the team
  • Vision: a results-oriented picture of the team that describes what members commit to achieve together sometime in the future
  • Values: beliefs or principles that define what is important to team members and serve to guide the team’s actions and decisions
  • Goals: specific, measurable results that are aligned with the team’s purpose and vision
  • Roles and Responsibilities: description of who is on the team and their functional responsibilities
  • Mutual Expectations: ground rules that clarify how team members will interact, collaborate and support each other, as well as give each other feedback
  • Operating Procedures: descriptions of meeting structure, communication norms, decision-making methods, conflict resolution and reflection strategies
As your team moves forward day after day to complete its purpose, use the charter to help guide your company to success.
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