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team 14A fresh face to the KMA office, Project Designer Howard Wang came on board only four short months ago and has since been welcomed with open arms to KMA’s ever-growing design team. Drawn to the way in which KMA values the design process and is committed to providing the best possible product for its clients, Wang’s choice to work for KMA was a simple decision.

With family roots in Taiwan, Wang was born and raised in Atlanta. At the young age of six, he knew he wanted to be an architect and has always been drawn to the technical beauty of the industry. “I love that architecture is both creative and technical. I enjoy the challenges that this confluence of disciplines presents,” said Wang. “I like how beauty can come from simple solutions to complex problems and that these solutions are manifest in physical, tactile form.”

In pursuit of a career in architecture, Wang earned his Bachelor of Science at Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as his Masters of Architecture in 2010.While in Atlanta, Wang worked for a company called Lord, Aeck and Sargent (LAS) where he gained experience in various sectors of the architecture industry, including multi-family residential, mixed-use, and university science laboratories. He also initiated efforts to build a partnership between LAS and a Chinese urban design firm during a two-week trip to China.

Despite great success in Atlanta, Wang had his sights on conquering new territory, and set out to move to San Diego after graduate school. Shortly after, he was hired by KMA where he’s said to have found his niche and appreciates the vision and work ethic of his KMA colleagues. “At KMA, everyone contributes to the design process,” said Wang. “This is the main quality that attracted me to the firm, and it's a rare dynamic to find elsewhere. I think this collaboration of knowledge contributes greatly to the quality of work that we produce, giving us quite an advantage over other firms. I am delighted to be part a of this dynamic team and look forward to my future here.”

Wang is also a practiced musician and in his spare time teaches private lessons for violin and piano. He has been playing classical piano since the age of five and violin since the age of nine. “I think music has contributed to my appreciation of art and creativity,” said Wang. "Music in many ways has parallels to architecture.” In his teenage years, he played with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra and the North American Elite Youth Orchestra (NAEYO). In 2000, he had the opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall with NAEYO and was their concertmaster on a tour to Taiwan and China in 2001.

The KMA office is delighted to welcome such a diverse talent to their team.
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